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This page provides resources on continuous quality improvement (CQI) for HMRF grantees. Below are information and resource links for practitioners and developers to use in developing CQI plans and implementing the CQI process.

Additional resources will be added over the coming months. Check back for updates!

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CQI Template

This template is intended to guide the development of CQI plans for the 2020 cohort grantees. It can be filled out by responding to the questions and prompts within each section.

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An Overview of the CQI Template

Provides a brief overview of the CQI template and introduces the graphical representation of the seven steps of a CQI process.

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  • This planning tool helps CQI teams guide and track their CQI efforts.

    Apr 2021
  • Tip sheet provides an overview of the Bright Spots approach, a tool that can be used to support strategy development. The tip sheet also includes a matrix that presents advantages and disadvantages of methods for identifying bright spots, and an interview template to learn more about practices used by bright spots. 

    Feb 2024
  • Webinar covered the Bright Spots approach, a tool that supports strategy development within CQI efforts. In using this method, teams identify high-performing sites or staff, and then interview staff to learn more about what they do.

    Jan 2024
  • Webinar features a grant recipient panel discussing practices for leveraging local evaluations to support CQI. 

    Dec 2023
  • Webinar covers part 2 of a two-part series on data tracking to support CQI. It focuses on tracking activities to inform progress on short- and long-term improvement goals, including considerations for developing a useful data tracker.

    Oct 2023
  • Webinar covers part 1 of a two-part series on data tracking to support CQI. This session focuses on identifying long-term and interim goals and creating data-informed targets for them to define success.

    Sep 2023
  • Webinar covered activities to support user-centered strategy development. These included two empathy-focused activities – empathy mapping and journey mapping – to consider the needs of strategy “users” when designing for improvement. It also included an activity to foster collaborative strategy design with staff and/or partners called Round Robin.

    Aug 2023
  • Webinar covered recommendations for using an equity-focused CQI approach, which included being intentional about considering equity, enhancing inclusivity, and using data to explore and identify inequitable access and outcomes. The webinar presented tools and practices for enhancing intentionality, inclusion, and strategic data use.

    Jul 2023
  • Tip sheet covers considerations for applying the 4DX framework to CQI efforts. The framework offers four disciplines for helping teams to execute on key goals. This tip sheet summarizes content from three CQI office hours sessions in 2022 and 2023 that focused on aspects of 4DX and CQI.

    Jun 2023
  • Webinar covered tips for strengthening a data-driven culture in programs, with a focus on engaging frontline staff to use data to inform their work. Audience responses to several interactive questions related to data-driven practices are included.

    Jun 2023